Masturbation and Its Disturbing Effects on the Brain

If you look at the people around you today, you will be surprised to know that most people consider over masturbation as a normal phenomenon of life, regardless of the dangerous risks it poses. They deem it unnecessary to delve into the depth of the issue and realize how over masturbating is changing their life and their priorities.

In the olden days, normal healthy sex was considered as a pure and sacred act where both partners fulfilled their needs using each other as the medium. But today’s masturbation act has eliminated the need of a partner and has resorted to solo methods of sexual gratification. This solo sex act poses numerous psychological problems and is even condemned by most religious affiliations. It is considered a sexual imbalance by most pastors and regarded as mortally sinful.

Over masturbation can exhaust the body thoroughly and brings pain in the lower abdomen, penis and testicles. When the brain is preparing to masturbate, it releases the excitement hormone dopamine and sends it to be converted into adrenaline. This adrenaline is responsible for the sexual rush in the body and for the pleasure experienced. However, if excess adrenaline is retained in the body after masturbation, it can cause an uneasy feeling of emptiness. Over masturbation causes pain and cramps in the joints and also causes depression and anxiety. This can cause long-term mental issues and can also result in erectile dysfunction in men.

Over masturbation is an addiction which cannot be easily shaken off regardless of the remorse and guilt that the addict goes through daily, but with proper religious guidance, one can seek the door to righteousness.