Pornography and its Adverse Effects on the Community as a Whole

Pornography is becoming a major ethical situation today, and there is an even greater need to put a stop to this monstrous disease possessing the minds and souls of our generation. Everyone surrounding a porn addict is adversely affected by his addiction; the most being the addict himself.

Pornography has violent negative effects and is capable of destroying homes and families. It is a tool of endangering relationships and work status. Pornography addiction is a spell that captivates the attention and interest of a man to such an extent that it makes him forget his responsibilities towards his family and work. It endangers his personality and exposes him to virile acts such as rape, child molestation and sexual promiscuity. Pornography paves way for divorces and broken hearts, and is a continual source of degradation and guilt in the addict. Pornography addiction is harmful to the society as a whole because of its indecency and infidelity. Innocent teenagers and children are also drawn towards the lustful path because of the open access to it.

Family values no longer stand true in the light of pornography addiction. Porn addiction creates a wall between spouses and this results in family splitting. Children are never educated about a strong family structure since they experience childhood traumas in the form of their parents’ divorce. Men and young boys solely regard women as objects of sex due to exposure to pornography. Women are no longer considered as equal and worth their respect. Women are degraded and this creates a gender gap that is widening each year. The only way to put a stop to this threat is to take action immediately. If parents restrict Internet browsing they can play a major role in saving our country.