Symptoms and Behavioral Problems of a Sex Addict

Sexual addiction is a destructive form of addiction where the victim is continually bothered by sexual images and thoughts and uses sex as a means to console himself from other troublesome issues, which they do not have the willingness to face. Sexual addiction drives out all other means of interest from the person’s life and consumes his entire thoughts towards it. The addict is entrapped in thoughts of intercourse or masturbation all day long and this greatly disrupts his work and lifestyle.

This addiction gives immense pleasure in the beginning, but the person is guilt-ridden and ashamed after committing it. The addict is always miserable, ashamed and a feeling of emptiness seems to engulf him. He feels a perpetual desire to delve into sexual activity or sex no matter the consequences. His priorities shift to only anything related to his sexual longings and urges, and he tends to put all his relationships at jeopardy. The addict is unable to stop acting on his compulsions and has repeated failures.

Sex addiction devours the life of an addict completely. Indulging in sexual relationships with multiple partners puts him at a daringly high risk of AIDS and HIV. Sexual addiction is interlinked with other mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. A sexual addict never experiences the happiness of small occasions and simple things. It is a bitter sweet experience for him, which is very enjoyable at first but never seems to satisfy his sexual drive. Sexual addiction can be nerve wracking and tormenting as it is usually hidden from the family members and is mortifying because the addict is forced to keep this skeletons in the closet.