Why is Pornography Viewing Called an Addiction?

When you label porn viewers as addicts you will be surprised to discover that they do not like to be tagged that way. Most people won’t even admit succumbing to this addiction, and many will just turn away if you tell them that porn addiction is harmful. No one likes to be told negative points about the things which they desire and have no intention of leaving. Many will just wave the entire issue by calling it enjoyment or just pastime. Those who actually come forward and admit that they are in the chains of this addiction are actually the ones facing guilt and shame and have the desire to overcome their compulsion.

Pornography viewing is labeled as an addictive behavior because of its compulsive nature. The person tends to go back over and over again to visit porn sites. This addiction is so obsessive in its character that it has the tendency to break all kinds of relationships. The person’s brain demands constant porn feed to maintain its hormonal levels. The addict resorts to nervous behavior and experiences withdrawal symptoms in case he decides to overcome his addiction. The person’s brain refuses to work at the same capacity if the porn feed is stopped. This shows that pornography viewing is one of the strongest addiction and one of the most challenging to rise above from.

Pornography viewing is termed as addiction because of its life-changing effects. The person no longer remains normal. Enjoyable activities and hobbies cease to interest him. Social peers do not hold any importance for him. He can put his work, spouse, children and relationships at jeopardy without the slightest hesitation. All these are strong points to term pornography viewing as the most dangerous addiction reigning today.